Memory Foam Mattresses

In the wide spectrum of mattresses available on the market today, it can sometimes get a bit difficult choosing the right mattress. But memory foam mattresses are revolutionizing the way people choose mattresses and it's all thanks to technology.

What first started as a NASA experiment to find the most comfortable and ergonomically designed mattress for astronauts, turned into a sleep Saviour for many people around the world.

Known by its scientific name "Visco elastic foam", these memory foam mattresses supports the weight of the body by conforming to the body natural contours, and as the name implies, it holds or memorizes the body contours to start supporting the body from the first instant and holds your body's shape long after.

The idea behind memory foam mattresses and body contouring is to let your body tell the mattresses on which areas weight falls in any given position. Memory foam mattresses are able to form to the body and hold the shape because of the dense material it is made from.

For a given piece of foam to have 'memory' certain types of chemicals are added to a synthetic polyurethane foam material which, in turn, adds an increased weight or density to the foam.

However, since there are various types of memory foam mattresses, i.e., various pieces of foam with various densities, it is important to understand exactly what differences are found in each final product, and to do this it is useful to understanding how to grade every piece of foam.

First on the list is density. The density is usually referred to in pounds per square foot and it is measured by the amount of chemicals used in manufacturing the foam.

ILD Rating or Indentation Load Deflection tells how hard or soft a material is.

Thirdly, resilience is taken into consideration. Resilience measures the foam's 'springiness' by determining a percentage rebound of a steel ball dropped from a given height, usually 36 inches above the foam. The term "H.R" foam refers to highly resilient foam that will give a very high "ball rebound" reading.

And lastly, tensile is a measurement that is used in grading memory foam by indicating the extent to which the foam can be stretched. This measure is usually taken in pounds per square inch, and the relative length of elongation, in terms of a percentage, before the foam ruptures.

But whatever the make and manufacture of the memory foam, the general benefits of it are still largely undisputed. Memory foam mattresses are not only good for overall well being, but the foam itself is generally durable, high quality and heavy duty, and comes in every size and style to suit any décor. See more: cheap phantom of the opera tickets