Mattress Cleaners - what are they and how to use them

We may not always be aware of it, but mattresses take a pretty good beating. From sleeping on it every night to having breakfast in bed to jumping around on it and possibly everything else in between mattresses put up with a lot from us.

So it really shouldn't be any surprise that they do get their fair share of dirt. Sure sheets and bedding, even mattress covers help to protect the mattress from stains and getting really dirty really fast, but the fact remains that something as cozy and comfy as a mattress can't hold the dirt and mites off forever.

There are tons of different types of mattress cleaners on the market today ranging from mild odor trapping fresheners to strong stain removing chemicals.

There are also detergents that are just used occasionally for maintenance purposes as well as steam treatments that both freshen and disinfect the mattress.

Different types of discount wicked tickets cleaners obviously perform different tasks, but it is important to understand that different types of mattress cleaners, especially very strong chemical cleaners, will have various effects on your type of mattress.

For instance, waterbed mattresses cannot be cleaned in the drastic ways other mattresses can be, so the use of a water conditioner that prevents bacteria and algae from forming inside the mattress is possibly the best cleaner to keep handy along with a dust-busting freshener for the surface of the mattress.

In the same manner, trying to remove a stain from a latex or memory foam mattress with a very strong chemical stain remover may well break down the visco-elastic formula that the mattress is made of, and cause it to lose the qualities that the mattress was purchased for in the first place.

In such an instance, it may be better if a steam treatment is used to try to remove the stain, but before trying anything it is always wise to read any and all instructional information first as this will most likely tell you the dos and don't of caring for the mattress.

For the most part, many people choose to maintain their mattresses with simple vacuums, steam vacuums, fabric detergents and/or fresheners. This coupled with tips like flipping your mattress over every six months and utilizing bed covers are always good ways to keep your mattress as clean as possible so that when the time comes to clean, you don't have to take drastic measures or go to great lengths.